WORLD OF MOUTHS: China’s first French cafés chain’s logo unveiled

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Here we are!

I’m very proud to unveil PATACHON’s first logo. Developed with South Africa Cape Town’s designer Luke Ritchie, it features PATACHON’s monogram on top and full name beneath in a warm and vivid red background.

PATACHON is the first chain of French café in China. First stores to open in Shanghai in November, and December 2012.

Stay tuned!






WORLD OF MOUTHS: excellent ad “The Switch” by Heineken

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Heineken new TVC is just awesome. So awesome that my mum noticed it herself. While she’s not really the beer type mother Heineken did a great job making its latest commercial a pleasant-to-everyone’s work which is one of the secrets of a successful viral marketing campaign. Concept proof being when mothers advise their own sons to watch a beer ad!

Congrats to TBWA\NEBOKO, and AD Martin Krejci

“The perfect beer calls for the perfect bar,” says Heineken’s latest ad campaign — and to prove it, their new commercial demonstrates how a cold glass of their brew can turn even the dingiest dive into a bustling nightclub.

The commercial, titled ‘The Switch,’ begins with a few friends tumbling off the street into the type of dark, quiet bar you’d probably back out of before ordering a drink. But not our heroes — they call for Heineken (which, conveniently, turns out to be the only thing on tap), causing the barkeep to begin pulling a series of levers that bring about a magical transformation.

The next thing our brave drinkers know, they’re in a fancy retro watering hole, complete with well-dressed revelers, chandeliers and a killer band blasting through a horn-laced R&B rave-up. The band in question: Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, an Australian group whose debut album, ‘Baby Caught the Bus,’ came out last November and includes the song ‘Love Letter,’ performed here.

Just loving it!



WORLD OF MOUTHS: KLOUT new face revealed, new functionalities, and algorithm

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“Your Moments” added (KLOUT response to Facebook Timeline), integrating your most engaging social posts/acts among Facebook, Twitter, G+.

Might have chosen another name though for this new function, “Moments” being already the birth name of WeChat timeline-feed board…

Good move KLOUTboys!





WORLD OF MOUTHS: wow… just every cooking tips in One info-graphic!

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If you like cooking, that might just be the best info-graphic of the month for you: oven temps, imperial/metric/pint/cups/spoon, meat cuts, cooking times… All to be found here!





WORLD OF MOUTHS: Bollinger gets pistol-shaped packaging for James Bond movie

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Bollinger has unveiled its latest James Bond special edition ahead of the next 007 film, Skyfall, due to screen in UK cinemas on 26 October.

30,000 bottles of Bollinger’s 002 for 007 have been produced

The product, called 002 for 007, comprises a bottle of La Grande Année 2002 housed in a gun silencer shaped gift box with a combination lock – opened using the code: 007.

The bottle carries a unique “50 years of Bond” logo on the neck label, textured to mimic the grip on a handgun, and will be available exclusively in Harrods from 23 September and nationwide from 1 October.

With an RRP of £125-150, the special edition is approximately double the price of the standard La Grande Année 2002, which retails for around £70.

30,000 packages have been produced for sale worldwide, and the UK has no set allocation.

2012 marks 39 years since Bollinger developed an on-screen relationship with the fictional character created by Ian Fleming, and James Bond has been seen drinking Bollinger in 12 films of the 23 made in total.

Bollinger’s connection to the Bond films is helping boost sales of the brand in Asia in particular.

“They go crazy for Bond in Asia, which is really helping with brand recognition and giving our sales a boost,” said Bollinger president Jérôme Philipon, when speaking to db back in March.

The Champagne brand produced a special piece of packaging in September 2008 for the last Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

The rather more flamboyant limited edition cost over £2,500 and comprised La Grande Année 1999 in a bullet-shaped case made from polished tin (pictured below), with just 207 were produced.

Bollinger’s special edition for the Quantum of Solace



WORLD OF MOUTHS: Dom Pérignon by David Lynch

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Influential artist, film-maker and photographer, David lynch has joined forces once again with champagne kings at Dom Perignon to bring us ‘Dom Perignon by David Lynch’ for Dom Perignon’s 2003 Vintage.

David Lynch, one of the most influential artists of our time, is best known as a film-maker (Elephant Man – 1980,BlueVelvet – 1986,Wild at Heart – 1990, Mulholland Drive – 2001), however he is also a musician, painter, photographer, actor and art director. His personality, freedom and daring suits him perfectly to the mystery, commitment, time and the constant reinvention of the self that is synonymous with the Dom Perignon brand.
In December 2011, Dom Pérignon unveiled the advertising campaign of the Dom Pérignon 2003 Vintage, photographed by David Lynch. After photographing the bottles of Dom Pérignon, David Lynch the creator has reinvented them; taking inspiration from his photographs, he has given them a new look in a limited edition, designed and signed by the Californian director himself!
“Dom Pérignon by David Lynch” takes the form of a gift box for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2003.
“Dom Pérignon by David Lynch” available from December 2013 at selected retailers for $299 RRP.!



WORLD OF MOUTHS: celebrities favorite food

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ImageH. P. Lovecraft, one of my favorite writers, adored “Italian spaghetti,” especially with “meat-and-tomato sauce, utterly engulfed in a snowbank of grated Parmesan cheese.” Cheese was important. “How can anybody dislike cheese?” he wrote in a letter to fellow horror writer J. Vernon Shea, “I don’t suppose you would like spaghetti if you don’t like cheese, for the two rather go together.” Lovecraft not only enjoyed the taste of pasta—he appreciated its modest cost. “I have financial economy in eating worked out to a fine art,” he wrote in 1932. “I never spend more than $3.00 per week on food, and often not even nearly that.”