Some Vodkas Have Stories… Shanghai White Has A History.

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Shui Jing Fang History
Some Vodkas Have Stories… Shanghai White Has A History.

The precious spirit at the heart of Shanghai White vodka is handcrafted in China’s Chengdu region, the home of Shui Jing Fang Chinese White Spirit, and represents a tradition that has been passed down for over three dynasties.

The precious spirit distilled at the heart of Shanghai White vodka has a heritage that traces back to early 14th century China where legendary Master Distiller Wang was blessed with a well, which produced pure and pristine water ideal for brewing spirits of the highest grade.

He decided to set up a distillery on Shui Jing Street, near an earthen bridge and by a temple dedicated to the God of Agriculture.

Herat Of Shanghai White
Heritage At The Heart Of The Spirit.

he signature character of the precious spirit at the heart of Shanghai White vodka draws on over 600 years of Chinese distilling tradition and is the convergence of exoticism, luxury and authenticity.

Meticulously handcrafted over six months, only the Master Distiller can declare when the precious spirit is ready, and it has reached an outstanding evel of both flavor and clarity. Every batch of Shanghai White vodka is a refined expression of handcrafted care; the result is vodka with a signature character that can only be, Shanghai White.

1930s Shanghai

Legendary Time And Place
Journey To Shanghai White Vodka Begins Express To The Orient In One Sip.

To get to the heart of Shanghai White vodka, one must travel through history to a legendary time and place.

Inspired by Shanghai in the 1930s, a period of glamour and exuberance – authentically exotic and yet unmistakably metropolitan.

Shanghai White vodka will open the door to exotic luxury for the discerning drinker’s palate.

Origin Of The Name
Heritage At The Heart Of The Spirit.

The bustling port city of Shanghai, which means ‘upon the sea’, was a place where East and West mixed to create exotic glamour and unforgettable fashion that was truly distinct.

Shanghai was a magnet for many Westerners, especially the Russians – the ‘White Russians’ as they were called, who brought with them their customs, including the traditional skills for distillation of the finest vodkas.

The Chinese name for Shanghai White vodka is 海上幻 (pronounced Hai Shang Huan). It literally means Myth upon the Sea and Hai Shang is the city name Shanghai, but with the characters reversed.

Essence Of The Spririt

Handcrafted Luxury

Qi Pao

The actual bottle itself vodka is inspired by the royal Qi Pao dress, which was traditionally embroidered with intricate designs, such as the elegant cherry blossom. Frosted glass is clasped with an ornate mandarin collar and is detailed with a clear slit to reveal the liquid inside.

The different touch points of the pack reflect the layers of discovery in the brand story that are revealed to the consumer over time.

The Well

To pay homage to Shui Jing Fang, a depiction of the original hexagon-shaped well adorns the inside of the handcrafted Shanghai White vodka bottle.

Each of the six panels of the wellbay is embellished with hand-painted Art Deco images that take inspiration from 1930s Shanghai, such as the historic Bund and Suzhou Creek.

Exquisite Taste
Signature Drink


The ultimate test of any vodka is a martini. The Shanghai White Martini has been developed to complement the vodka’s distinctive character. Six parts Shanghai White vodka to one part Martini Bianco is simple shaken over ice and garnished with both a twist of lemon and a twist of lime. These ingredients bring out the natural length and layers in Shanghai White vodka.

Shanghai Mary

The spice-heat from the Tabasco and sweet-spice from the Worcestershire sauce gives a complex heat to contrast the creamy textured spirit and tomato juice. The fresh cucumber stick works as an edible garnish to balance the palate between sips and complement the ‘green’ edge to the spirit.

Shufu Sour

Zesty fresh lemon, aromatic mint and sweet red grapes all shaken together with the deep yet refreshing complexity of Shanghai White. The mint lends a subtle and delicate aroma to complement the lighter elements of the spirit. The red grapes and lemon juice pair with the fresh fruit notes in the spirit giving length and added complexity.

Swingin‘ Ginger

Fresh orange muddled with lemon juice and Shanghai White, then topped off with ginger ale. The orange oils from the fruit skin help give a length to the citrus elements of Shanghai White. The ginger ale gives effervescence in the mouth contrasting the feel of the spirit. The spice tingle of the ginger ale works in harmony with the warmer edge of the Shanghai White flavor.

SHANGHAI WHITE is distributed by DIAGEO

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