Dom Pérignon, a timeless limited edition bottle to illuminate your nights

June 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Luminous is one of the most beautiful words in the world.

Dom Pérignon has long been known worldwide as one of the most coveted species of vintage Champagne.

The brand has released its 2002 Vintage champagne across the globe in limited edition luminous light saber like lime green label bottles, with the principal celebrations held at No. 1 Mayfair in London, and sister parties at Spice Market in Melbourne and Le Noir in Singapore, last week at M1NT (we were there!) and this week at Bar Rouge in Shanghai in China (Shanghai).

The timeless Dom Pérignon bottle has been launched with a modern twist, created to light up at the touch of a button and remain illuminatedfor up to nine hours. Incredible!

Its waterproof feature also ensures that the bottle remains chilled whilst glowing vividly in the dark.  I never thought I would use a champagne bottle to help find my lost iPhone or purse in the dark.

We wonder if founder Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk would be aglow at the sight of his creation glowing across premium venues internationally?

“Dom Pérignon 2002 is a magnetic, still-elusive wine that fully reveals the dual nature of Dom Pérignon,”– said Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave.

Dom Pérignon story is a world of legends, anecdotes & creative collaborations.

Dom Pérignon has always been a large and good visibility particularly with their cooperation with designer, artist like…


Dom Pérignon asked the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin School of art and design to reinterpret its timeless bottle in commemoration of Andy Warhol. A unique set of three bottles, red, blue and yellow, paying homage to the artist’s adventures in colour.


To his name are the Dom Pérignon limited-edition magnum container and the Dom Pérignon Black Box.


To his name is Dom Pérignon Vintage Rosé glasses, decadently stainted with lipstick, are as wickedly suggestive as all her works. Madame de Pompadour would certainly have appreciated thesesensual, delicately libertine traces.


While Karl was shooting the campaign for Oenothèque Vintage 1993, he recreated the bol-sein using the Dom Pérignon model Claudia Schiffer as his inspiration. Thus was born the Dom Pérignon Oenothhèque bol-sein.


The Dom Pérignon Rosé gift box tells a story. “Lo” is marked on the first glass, “Ve” on the second.

As a conclusion “Champagne is the only wine that makes women beautiful after drinking” said Madame de Pompadour


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