China Top 8 Luxury Alcohols. Supposedly…

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According to national newspaper People’s Daily, top 8 luxury brands of alcohols were identified as follow. Honestly it is a shocker and I can’t believe this ranking to reflect the true choice of Chinese consumers, and as such should be considered very carefully if not questioned.

To start ABSOLUT was never a favorite. It greatly struggled on the Chinese market and eventually benefited from the purchasing by giant Pernod-Ricard that used their amazing distribution network and knowledge of the field to place Absolut in most of the clubs and KTVs. To say Absolut should be perceived as a luxury brand of vodka is, to my opinion, very questionable and it seems that People’s Daily ignored a great number of premium vodka brands that have built solid reputation in China for they don’t mention Belvedere and Grey Goose. Open a GQ magazine, Man’s Health, UNO or ELLE for Man and see for yourself. Moreover, Absolut positioning and pricing makes it an entry option for the Chinese clubber, definitely not a luxury brand in spirit…

Johnny Walker… that’s everyman’s drink everywhere in the world and People’s Daily doesn’t look further and should mention that not every JW product should be regarded as luxury. JW very smartly segmented its offer and only its Blue Label should be regarded as such, and truly earned the respect of the Chinese drinkers as a premium alcohol.

Bacardi… seriously? What’s the rum sales like in China anyway? Bacardi has been working very hard to appear as a connecting brand between the young, and the trendy with hype online marketing campaigns. But does it make a luxury product?

So look at this list very carefully and don’t take it for granted. Following People’s Daily choice is my own top 5 luxury alcohols that I believe to be much less disputable.

1. ABSOLUT: Lars Olsson Smith, a Swedish Vodka wholesaler, is the father of Absolut Vodka. In 1975, based on Smith’s original formula combined with modern manufacturing techniques, Absolut Vodka was created. It has been an “absolut” success ever since.

2. HENNESSY: The name was originated from Richard Hennessy who was honored for his bravery during his military career. In 1765, the Hennessy Winery was established.

3. JOHNNY WALKER: John Walker, a Scotsman, started mixing his first cup of whiskey. After he passed away, his 20-year-old son inherited his father’s career and created a new whiskey. The Walker family passed the whiskey mixing techniques from one generation to another, and has established its supreme position in the world.

4. CHIVAS: The well-known Chivas is the most prestigious advanced whiskey from Scotland. It is known to be mellow, special and outstanding.

5. MOET & CHANDON: The 250 year-old Moet Chandon has got the “Imperial” reputation because Napoleon loved it so much. Today, Moet Chandon is still among France’s most well-known champagnes.

6. REMY MARTIN: “Remy Martin” was named after its creator. It’s the only brand created by native Cognac among world’s top 3 cognac brands in volume and most Premium Cognac.

7. MARTELL: Martell has left exploration and discovery to human beings. After centuries of exploration, Martell has formed its unique liquor-making specialties. As a prestigious brand, it deeply believed that originating from history, creating the trend.

8. BACARDI: As early as in the beginning of 18th century, Rum had got the nickname “Pirate wine” as the pirates in Caribbean Sea were smitten with it. Bacardi was established in 1862 and has more than 6,000 employees in 170 countries around world. Trust that it will make you the most special and attractive fashionable person.

A -more reliable- ranking:
1. Remy Martin XO and other QSS (Quintessential School Systems)
2. Hennessy XO and over
3. Martell XO and over
4. Johnny Walker Blue Label
5. Dom Perignon
6. Lafitte Wines



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