The Portion, The Taste and The Price at New York Style Steak & Burger

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

To everyone in quest for Shanghai best burger, you might find some rest in this exhausting assignment for NY Style Steak & Burger in Taikang quarter has exactly what it takes to be elected best burgers place in the city. I’m only French so I guess I wouldn’t be the best judge of how and what should a burger have to be regarded as a killer burger, but keep in mind that I’ve been employed by infamous Malone’s group and that was quite a learning. Sentimentally I’m still very attached to Malone’s 4 cheese burger add bacon that we’ve been religiously ordering every Sunday night during our weekly geeky evenings spent playing PS’s Ghost Recon and Guitar Hero.

I have therefore showed very few tolerance for other burgers in Shanghai and proudly stood against other patties, till I was nearly pushed by force to NY Style Steak & Burger by american friend Jason R who claimed to have found THE best burger in town.

Long story short: Jason preached and I became a believer. Stupidly good, value for money are the first words that come to my mind. Place was packed with American so I guess it’s pretty close to their standard back home. For me, this was just one of the most enjoyable eating moment I had this month, and I love to think that such an enjoyment can be coming from eating the rarest caviar, drinking the most expensive cognac or to wildly bite in a juicy steak with very little manner, transported by the primal instinct devoid of the use of forks and knives. How good it is to eat dirty, to eat fat and carbs sometimes, and for once not according more respect to the set up and the cooking method than the simple and most absolute egoistic pleasure of satisfying my own appetite.

Blue cheese and chicken salad (can be share by 2-3), 55RMB
Manhattan Monster, 68RMB
The Chocolate Fondant, the Warm Apple Strudel…
Leffe beer, around 58RMB

NEW YORK Style Burgers
Tianzifang, Lane 155 Jianguo Lu, near Ruijin Lu
田子坊建国路155弄, 近瑞金路
+86 5465 1676


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