Merci Mr CEBEILLAC! Michelin dinner report at Enoterra

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

My affection for Pierre CEBEILLAC grew even stronger last Saturday as the Michelin Star Chef looked after us in the very same way he would have taken care of his previous Presidents or Ambassadors employers. Regardless of our much more modest social position or fame Pierre CEBEILLAC welcomed us with huge generosity, courtesy and a vivid joy for transmitting to young lads his passion for food and cooking.

Arrived early we were immediately welcomed by Mr CEBEILLAC with a glass of Gosset Champagne year 1998 (ouch…). A beautiful butter finish and perfect light gold sparkling color. Glasses in hands I was then offered to visit the kitchen -always my favorite part of an evening-, and introduced every dishes and reviewed every ingredients that would later bring us to a higher state of good living and epicureanism.

We were then served an extensive 8 courses menu, a symphony of dishes that demonstrates Pierre CEBEILLAC’s wide flair. A triptych as amuse-bouche, of Lamb, Salmon and a Pumpkin Veloute with Truffles. We were then served some Joseph CATTIN Riesling to pair with grilled Gambas -by now you should know about my affection for Alsace and Jura wines, so I was conquered-. Later came the Pouilly-Fusse 2008, by Jacques and Nathalie SAUMAIZE, a 2007 Saint Julien, Chateau Beychevelle (with the Australian beef), and back to Champagne for a smooth slice of duck foie-gras and Gosset Rose as the point d’orgue to sustain the latest note of a Strawberry Croustillant.

As my mother would say, “La Maison ne refuse devant aucun sacrifice”. Indeed they have not…

Pierre MONIE, owner of Enoterra, Pierre CEBEILLAC well-assisted by General Manager Tomaz HLADNIK and restaurant manager Pierre WEYLAND delivered a very enjoyable Michelin cuisine experience in a venue that is usually exclusive to wine. This reminded me Henry the Fourth, King of France’s saying: “Good food and wine, is truly Heaven on Earth”.

Below photos were taken and authorized of reproduction by my good friend and most talented food photographer Lucas GURDJIAN from Warehouse Studio (Shanghai, PRC), and few of my own bad pictures of wine labels.

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