Not So Petite… 1/3

April 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Few weeks ago I met a super nice Shanghai guy called Sam. Gentle, very well spoken, and with an extremely sharp vision of how to run his business in the investment banking. What a surprise to find out, few weeks later, that this gentleman also owned four restaurants (five soon) in Shanghai! His F&B story started when he and his wife discovered Europe, its restaurants and arts. They quickly became addicted to antic shopping, buying everything from old pianos to original silver frames, armchairs, bird cages, etc… They would ship non less than five containers of them to Shanghai. Sam says it was easy to bring wood, bronze and the silver, but piano and furs were stopped at some point and wouldn’t make it to China. Furs OK but pianos?… Well, he says, apparently too many Chinese piano collectors got cheated by sellers that would buy not that old pianos in Japan, age them and sell them for a fortune to naive collectors…

Sam and his wife showed an amazing, if not unique sense of design and decorum, designing their restaurants themselves… four of them! All of them called a French name but serving more like a mediterranean choice of dishes from Roasted Beef Salad, Sea Food Pastas and Pumpkin Risottos with feta cheese.

I haven’t been to the three others but La Petite Fleur is a very charming restaurant, and it felt so not shanghai, it was so relaxing and I felt I was transported to South of France, Italy or Spain, where things goes slower than here, much slower…



别的三家我目前还没有全部拜访过,但是La Petite Fleur 这是家非常棒的餐馆,并不很有上海的感觉但让人非常放松。身处其中,我仿佛感到我来到了法国南部,意大利或西班牙,这些地方的生活节奏比上海要慢许多许多。

La Petite Fleur (Shanghai, PRC)
n.25 Anfu Lu
+8621 54038247

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