WORLD OF MOUTHS: The Mediterranean diet

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Add Cuban cigars and that would be my everyday diet 🙂



WORLD OF MOUTHS: Samson brew design

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Ouch… beautiful design/branding is like a punch in the guts.

Bottle design and branding for New Jersey-based craft brewer Jeff Samson. Starting with the legend of Samson and the Lion most of us are familiar with and adding a beverage industry twist, these liter bottles are screen printed front and back and packaged in original repurposed beverage crates.Image


WORLD OF MOUTHS: Californian wines bigger than Bordeaux? What?!

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WORLD OF MOUTHS: Starbucks China recipes all-in

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WORLD OF MOUTHS: product placement in latest Tim Burton’s movie

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MacDonald product placement in Dark Shadows’ Tim Burton. Johnny Depp reading an ancient manuscript, nice MacDonald monogram in red and gold.



WORLD OF MOUTHS: info-graphic “Vine to Wine”

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WORLD OF MOUTHS: adult chocolate milk

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After a long, hard day of watching your little hellion, relax with your own glass of cold chocolate milk. Made with a top secret vodka-filled recipe, adult chocolate milk ($24) is 40-proof dairy goodness that we imagine. Other alcohol-spiked classics from the same company are coming soon — Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch, and Adult Limeade.